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Sunglasses are a fashion icon. An easy way to pump up any outfit–from bold statement pieces to classic styles for any occasion. You’ll also avoid battling to keep your eyes open in bright environments.

Sunglasses are like sunscreen for your eyes—because even your eyes can get sunburned. When your shades are 100% UVA and UVB-blocking, your eyes are safe from sun damage. Wearing your sunglasses today–and all year round—can help protect your lifelong vision, as sun damage is cumulative, leading to tomorrow’s eye problems.

Urban Optique & Eyecare has an impressive collection of sunglasses. From simple and reliable to stylish and designer, we can help you find shades to see brilliantly. Our knowledgeable staff can show you various frames, tints, and features based on your style and vision needs.

Our Brands

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Caviar celebrates women who love dressy European eyewear adorned with dazzling crystals. Heads will turn with all eyes on you and your luxurious glasses or sunglasses when you walk into a room wearing your Caviars.

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Gucci is one of the most prestigious brands in the fashion and luxury field. Eclectic, romantic, and contemporary, Gucci is now taking a completely modern approach to what fashion is, re-establishing the rules for luxury in the 21st century.

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Inspired by the adventure in Africa, blended with the glamour of the Riviera, and handmade in Italy. The colonial period was left behind in the optical stores of northern Africa, where designer Luca Gnecchi Ruscone stumbled upon them. He merged the two aesthetics to create the LGR eyewear line.

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Saint Laurent

Refined and sophisticated Saint Laurent eyeglasses expand on the brand's influential reputation in the fashion industry. These designer frames explore vintage-inspired eyewear trends for a fresh take on the classics.

See More with Optomap Retinal Exams

At Urban Optique & Eyecare, we are proud to offer specialty technology for effective, and efficient eye care services. 

We offer the Optomap retinal exam as an important part of our eye exams. Optomap produces an image that is as unique as your fingerprint and provides your doctor with valuable insight into your eyes.

Optomap allows us to see over 80% of your retina, which means we can get more information about the health of your eyes. And because many eye conditions can develop without symptoms, Optomap is a great tool in the detection and prevention of long-term vision and ocular damage.

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