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Slowing A Growing Vision Problem

When your child is nearsighted or shortsighted, poor distance vision is only one of many potential eye problems. Myopia, the clinical term for nearsightedness, can impact your child’s lifetime eye health and vision. The vision condition is on the rise worldwide; by 2050, half the global population will be myopic

At Urban Optique & Eyecare, we are committed to helping our patients achieve comfortable vision through every stage of life. With myopia management, we can help preserve your child’s sight and prevent the development of related eye problems in adulthood.

Book your child’s eye exam today to see how myopia management can benefit them.

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What Is Myopia?

Nearsightedness (myopia) is a vision problem caused by an elongated eye shape. When the eye is too long, or the cornea (clear front of the eye) is too steeply curved, light cannot focus directly on the retina (light-detecting tissue at the back of the eye). As a result, light focuses in front of the retina, causing blurry distance vision.

Nearsightedness worsens as the eye grows, progressing until the eye stops growing (usually about age 20–21). Myopia can be mild, moderate, or severe, depending on how long the condition develops. Moderate to severe nearsightedness increases risks to eye health, leading to sight-threatening eye conditions, including:

What Causes Myopia?

Children are more likely to develop myopia if:

  • One or both parents has the condition
  • They spend prolonged hours indoors
  • They have too much screen time with few breaks
  • They engage in lengthy close-vision tasks (reading, studying)

Management Methods

Preventing severe myopia can benefit your child’s lifelong vision and eye health. The earlier we begin myopia management, the more of an impact we can have on slowing myopic progression.

We create a personalized management plan based on your child’s eye health, vision needs, and risk factors. We can give you tips to try at home–like balancing indoor screen time with outdoor play–and treatment methods to help slow eye growth.

At Urban Optique & Eyecare, 2 myopia management options are overnight vision correction (ortho-k) Daytime Daily Disposable MiSight Contact Lenses.


Orthokeratology, or ortho-k, is a method of overnight vision correction. Children wear specialty contact lenses at night. The custom-fitted lenses are rigid and help gently flatten and reshape the cornea (front of the eye) while your child sleeps. Then, the contact lenses are removed in the morning, providing improved vision throughout the day.

Ortho-k can correct minor to severe degrees of nearsightedness. The overnight lenses can even help patients with lesser amounts of corneal astigmatism

Ortho-k lenses allow children to have comfortable daily vision, without wearing glasses (or daytime contact lenses). The treatment can also slow myopia progression by nearly 50%.

MiSight lenses are soft contact lenses designed to correct nearsightedness and slow eye growth. The lens features a bullseye-like design. The center section works the same as standard contact lenses, helping focus light directly on the retina to improve distance vision. 

MiSight is different as there is an outer ring designed to refocus peripheral light rays. When light enters a myopic eye, light reaches the retina but can’t focus on it. Unfocused light can reach behind the retina, sending signals to stimulate eye growth. Refocusing the light landing behind the retina—to land directly on the retina—prevents those signals.

MiSight 1-day lenses are FDA-approved multifocal contact lenses designed for myopia management in children ages 8–12. A 3-year clinical study found MiSight significantly decreased myopia progression by an average of 59%.

Many children can adjust to the lenses with the flexible lens material and convenient daily disposable design.

Preserve Your Child’s Sight

Nearsightedness can impact your child’s everyday vision and lifetime eye health. Myopia management can help preserve their sight. See how we can help your child with myopia management. Book an appointment at Urban Optique & Eyecare to start your child’s personalized treatment plan.

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See More with Optomap Retinal Exams

At Urban Optique & Eyecare, we are proud to offer specialty technology for effective, and efficient eye care services. 

We offer the Optomap retinal exam as an important part of our eye exams. Optomap produces an image that is as unique as your fingerprint and provides your doctor with valuable insight into your eyes.

Optomap allows us to see over 80% of your retina, which means we can get more information about the health of your eyes. And because many eye conditions can develop without symptoms, Optomap is a great tool in the detection and prevention of long-term vision and ocular damage.

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