Lens Innovations

We are happy to offer you the most updated technology to serve you and your family.

Examinations include state of the art equipment to detect and treat eye disease and ocular conditions. We perform specialty and medically necessary contact lens evaluations. Our office has a wide variety of eyeglass frames with advanced technology for the best comfort and fit for your prescription. Digital lenses in combination with the most precise measurements will provide the ultimate vision quality in all aspects. Our lenses are designed differently for each individual and personalized just for you!

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Protecting vision in today’s world

Most people spend half the day on smart phones, tablets or computers, exposing their eyes to harmful blue light emissions. Studies show that the level of blue light emitted from devices can have damaging effect on the eyes and overall health. Blue light contributes to the risk of macular degeneration, sleep deprivation and eye fatigue. Lens materials and coatings can help protect our eyes to the exposure of these harmful wavelengths of light.

Visioffice System

The most unique, interactive measuring tool. It measures a revolutionary new parameter- the real 3D position of the Rotation of the Eye. When these measurements are used in the manufacturing of a digital progressive lens, it provides the most precise vision possible. No matter where you look through the lens, it allows clarity instantly and effortlessly.

Stability in Motion

Nanoptix Technology is a revolution in lens technology: it reengineers the fundamental lens structure of the progressive lens during design lens calculation to virtually eliminate distortion.

Expansive vision

For the first time in progressive design, SynchronEyes Technology uses the Rx from both the left and right eye to simultaneously calculate the lenses as a pair. This ensures that the lens design is built around both eyes working together.

Faster Visual Reaction Time™ and superior visual performance.

4D Technology revolutionizes the benefits of personalization by taking into account the leading, dominant eye measurement in addition to the unique and personalized measurements.